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About us

Natural Impact Group is a world first Environmental Impact Nursery™. We specialise in Natural Capital. We aim for Deep Impact.


Model: Business-for-Purpose & Regenerative Capital

Mandate: To develop new IP and business models that mitigate harmful greenhouse gas emissions and protect biodiversity.

Mission: To drive the development of Environmental Impact Investing and qualified deal flow for institutional investors.


We believe Natural Capital is the key to global sustainability (and investment alpha) as it’s the basis for all ecological, social and economic activity on earth. We use STEM to reconnect with nature and 3.8 billion years of evolution. Our methodology mitigates greenwashing and allows for easier impact measurement. Our approach is unorthodox and our scale and impact unparalleled.

"Our vision is a world where every human understands and values the importance of Natural Capital...and acts accordingly!" - Rod Holden, Founder

What is Natural Capital, Environmental Impact Investing and Sustainable Development ? - Answer