The Environmental Impact Nursery™ - BLUEPRINT V1 - 2020

Natural Impact Group has developed a blueprint to determine where we focus our energy. It ensures we are consistent in our approach and completely removes the potential for greenwashing and mission drift. It also makes impact measurement much easier. The Environmental Impact Nursery™ name is in the process of becoming a registered trademark. An article on this blueprint will be published in a high quality international journal in August 2020.

The Environmental Impact Nursery™ can be downloaded here


"I've now had a chance to read your blueprint. Congratulations, it's impressive, ambitious! - and thorough, well documented, clear and very well written. You are a financially knowledgeable advocate of serious action on sustainability, numbers/evidence, common sense."

Jane Gleeson-White, Adjuct Lecturer at UNSW, Author of four books: the internationally acclaimed, bestselling Double Entry on the history of accounting, and its sequels Six Capitals, the story of new accounting models to address the many environmental and social crises of 21st century capitalism.

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