The Environmental Impact Nursery™ & The EIN Model™
New EIN Model - centre focus.png

This construct sets out a clear and objective investment methodology that addresses the seven core concerns of impact investors. It addresses the understanding of funding gaps and related opportunities, impact measurement and evaluation, co-investment opportunities and collaboration, finding good organisations to support, funding innovative solutions, scaling successful projects and businesses and mission creep and greenwashing.

A large percent of profits from subsidiaries fund our Foundation, which in turn funds our own R&D Institute and generate, mandate aligned, ideation back to the parent company. We then run the ideation through the EIN Model to generate a new subsidiary. The remaining profit is used to support the parent company. This structure allows us to also bring in external capital at the Subsidiary, Foundation and R&D Institute levels where appropriate. 

This construct can be applied by entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, venture capitalists, fund managers, institutional investors, foundations and any investor with an ESG, SDG and RI mandate. It is especially relevant for family offices and foundations

Coupled with our purpose, this construct provides an objective methodology to mobilise investment capital, mitigate risk and measure impact easily. In doing so, it provides the shortest and most effective path to sustainability.

For details of our business model, feel free to enquire about our whitepaper. It was developed over 8 years and now in its 18th edition, or read this article for a summary.

“The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river” Ross Perot