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EIN Model™

Natural Capital is the basis for all biological, social and economic activity on earth. Global sustainability relies on humans taking a different approach to Natural Capital. While, at least, market rate investment returns are critical, the new approach needs to be solutions centric, not investment centric and our decision making process needs to be turned on its head and start with natural capital considerations first, rather than human self interest. This approach has the capacity to increased our standard of living, generate significant economic opportunity and deliver global sustainability.

To avoid taking a shotgun approach we developed a methodology to best manage the process and achieve our goals. This required a quantum shift in thinking especially around impact measurement and took several years to fully quantify. It's still evolving.

Based on a mandate of mitigating harmful greenhouse gases and protecting biodiversity, following six core investment themes, applying three selection criteria and a critical litmus test the EIN Model™ delivers the best care and management of Natural Capital...and above market rate returns!

This construct also sets out a clear and objective investment methodology that addresses the seven core concerns of impact investors. It addresses the understanding of funding gaps and related opportunities, impact measurement and evaluation, co-investment opportunities and collaboration, finding good organisations to support, funding innovative solutions, scaling successful projects and businesses and mission creep and greenwashing.

This construct can be applied by entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, venture capitalists, fund managers, institutional investors, foundations and any investor with an ESG, SDG and RI mandate.

Coupled with our purpose and structure, this construct provides an objective methodology to mobilise investment capital, mitigate risk and measure impact easily. In doing so, it provides the shortest and most effective path to sustainability.

Feel free to enquire about our whitepaper, now in its 16th edition.

“The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river” Ross Perot